As a parent of a child with autism… Excellent article by Carrie Cariello.

Sometimes you come across someone who manages to ‘tell it as it is’ in a way you might never achieve.  This article by Carrie Cariello does exactly that for me —

Whilst there are differences in our children – Ian has never been ‘overwhelmed’ by the outside world, is not inclined to panic attacks, and probably doesn’t communicate quite as well as this lad – there are also great similarities.

But when she writes “You can ask me anything. Please, ask me anything.” it brings tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat, because it is such a desperate plea.  Indeed, we would give anything to be asked, rather than have our children stared at, commented on, or (mis)judged behind our backs.

I found this article moving, but also incredibly heartening and strong.  I thank you, Carrie Cariello, for setting down the words I couldn’t find.

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