Autism: Fiddle fingers ….

This is Ian’s grey hoodie –



However, if you look closely, you see things are not quite as they should be —



In fact, they are entirely NOT as they should be —



The entire top has been deconstructed, thread by thread – including the zip!



Quietly, in his room, Ian’s fiddle fingers got busy and now I’m left with a pile of pieces I have no intention of sewing back together.  Why should I, when he will only pull it apart again?


Not much gets me down, but this ….

this does.


I feel tired, defeated.

And distinctly annoyed.






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3 thoughts on “Autism: Fiddle fingers ….

  1. Can you get him more hoodies from op shops to deconstruct as he has done it so neatly? Use the material for dusters and donate the zips to op shops or upcycle into a something. It is an activity that has probably kept him really interested and calm for ages, such tidy bundles of thread.


    • To be honest, Lindy, I’m not keen to encourage this behaviour. Perhaps if you understand that Ian has already destroyed more than half his wardrobe – including some very nice, irreplaceable clothes, bedding, blankets and pillows – you will know why I am now feeling a little tired of it. Ian does not suffer from any anxiety, and is probably the calmest autistic person you could ever meet. Thank you for your comment.


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