Autism: in lockdown

So. What can I say about Ian in lockdown?

Simply, he’s been great. Exceptional. Even easy.

(And yes, we do know how lucky we are!)

I guess it’s partly because Ian is just a really laid-back guy. Autism aside, I imagine that as a 24 year old lad, he’d be reading, or lying in the sun, or going for walks, or listening to music – pretty much what he’s doing now. Except that he’d have friends. Probably.

But trying to explain lockdown …..

“Lots of people are sick, and we have to stay well, so we have to stay home,” I said.

“Stay home,” Ian parroted, settling the words in his head.

“Yes. We must stay home. Just for a short while. We have to stay home.”

And he accepted that. It didn’t seem to phase him.

Now restrictions are being eased. He was invited back to his day placement, and I arranged with them that he’d be there one day a week, for three hours.

But Ian doesn’t understand the concept of ‘easing’ restrictions. How could he? It’s Wednesday; why can’t he go to the jacuzzi as usual?

There is frustration there. A bit of head banging at home …

“Ian, what’s wrong?” He cannot explain it, but I can make a shrewd guess.

Now we’ve been offered more – more time, more days. And that’s lovely. I really appreciate what they’re trying to do for him.

Except if I take Ian in on a Thursday, that is a swimming day, and he won’t be able to go swimming. Monday is also swimming. Friday is a cafe visit. Tuesday is Sound Therapy. None of these things can happen – for a reason Ian will never truly grasp.

So what do I do?

Do I send him in, and wait for the fall-out? The frustration, which we’re pretty sure will build?

Or do I just keep him home until it’s all over and things can go back to normal?

He must be bored out of his tree at home; surely he deserves a change of scene?

Is sending him in to his day placement – without the activities that make him happy – setting him up for something beyond his control?

Which is kinder to Ian?

Right now, I don’t know.

Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Autism: in lockdown

  1. I think Ian should stay home instead of going back to Day services until this coronavirus crisis is all over. It sounds like he is doing very well at staying at home and he is enjoying all the things he is doing.

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