Autism: in lockdown – progress?

I was very tempted to keep Ian home, but if I can make this work, shouldn’t I try?

Ian loves his day placement for the things it offers him. What does he love best? Jacuzzi and swimming. (A real water baby, our Ian 😊)

I had picked Wednesday as a random, middle-of-the-week option – not realising that Wednesday is, of course, jacuzzi day. Set us up for problems from the off, then, didn’t I? Think, mother. Think!

So what if we try a different day instead, a day that has less exciting activities, or an activity that may soon become available? Would that work?

I go through Ian’s timetable from February and early March, and pick Friday.

There’s no swimming (Monday and Thursday), and no jacuzzi (Wednesday). There is reflexology – which Ian loves, possibly because it doesn’t require him to do anything! – but not every week, so we may get away with it.

And a café visit, which might be harder to ignore, but when Ireland goes into Phase 3 on June 18th, cafés will open again, so … problem solved.


First Friday this week. Let’s see how this goes.

Ian, fully clothed, takes a dip …

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