Autism : From the Inside – Chapter 13 Extras

I apologise in advance if this doesn’t work. I thought you might like to see a couple of snippets of video footage of Ian in class with me, shortly after we started home-schooling, so here you are. They may take a moment to load, and seem to pause half way through – but if you’re patient, all should be well.

I really hope this works okay. 😊

It was easy to teach Ian the names of animals, to point to them, or ask him to give them to me. I decided – in my endless quest to increase / improve Ian’s language skills – to ask him to respond to the question “Which one …?” with the answer “This one!” I felt it was also important for Ian to be able to contradict me by asking him to point to something which wasn’t on the table.
Ian loved opposites, and I enjoyed this exercise because it incorporated reading, matching, and required him to know his opposites as well. In fact, the only problem he had with this task was slowing down!

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