Autism : From the Inside – Chapter 15 extras

Two more short snippets of video footage – and yes, they’re from the same day as last time. I didn’t often video Ian in school – he found it quite distracting having a camera on him – just when I wanted to keep a record of what he was doing, and particularly, what he was doing well.

At the beginning, you can hear Ian reciting from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland – the Red Queen asks Alice “Are you ready for your sentence?” and Alice replies “Sentence? But surely there must be a verdict first!” Ian was playing with the intonation of the two words. This task was one which I designed myself – a sentence with a word missing, and Ian had to complete the sentence choosing from four options.

Match exercises were almost a reward in themselves, Ian enjoyed them so much. I tried to make them progressively more challenging, to keep Ian’s interest and make him think.

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