About the Author

About the AuthorFiona van Dokkum was born in Surrey and grew up in Sussex, England.

Educated at Michael Hall School, she was a quiet, self-contained, hugely creative child with a passion for animals, sewing, reading, and writing.

Finishing school in Cape Town, South Africa, Fiona toyed with the idea of going to university to study music (she played violin and piano), but was drawn in equal measure to archaeology and drama. A series of aptitude tests recommended she find a career working with plants or animals.  Instead, she went to Secretarial College and became a Legal Secretary.

In her twenties, Fiona moved to Edinburgh with her Border Collie, Badger, where she lived and worked for over two years. There, living 6,000 miles away from her family, she was presented with the perfect opportunity to indulge her love of the English language by writing long and descriptive letters home.

She eventually realised, however, that she was utterly miserable and couldn’t wait to get back to Cape Town.

Today, Fiona lives with her husband, Neil, and their two sons, Rory and Ian, on a mountainside in County Waterford, enjoying “the best view in the world.”  There, she writes, tends house, keeps bees and takes daily walks with the family’s manic black and white Lurcher, Daisy.

Her first book, I Love My Bees, was published in 2010 by Northern Bee Books. Her most recent attempt at fiction, a short novel entitled And a Raven named Horatio, is available on its own blog. She also writes a blog about conquering sugar addiction – The Jellybean Journal – battling the sugar-daemon, https://isthatajellybeaniseebeforeme.wordpress.com/



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